Hello there!

Welcome to my Coffee and Sketch blog! 😀

As the title suggest, I will be doing weekly drawings of various subjects and even fan arts as well as posting a few photography of cafe shops in Toronto. The cafe visits and coffee shots are merely an opinion based writing and not an actual review but feel free to check out the place mentioned. I also currently have a design shop running which can have cute food lifting up your spirits or murderous cute objects just wanting a hug!

So, who am I? My name is Tanya, I go by KnightsAle and TheStoryKnight, and I’m an artist and writer who loves to experiment with different types of mediums of storytelling. I fell in love with writing first, my first love! It was the Percy Jackson series that sparked this fiery spark for writing, wanting to create a fantasy world myself. It also got me into mythologies, specifically Greek Myths. As time went on, I got into comics like mangas and the early works in SmackJeeves. I wanted to incorporate both so I started to work on my nonexistent art skills! It improved over the years so I’m happy 😀 I’m also addicted to coffee which was a result of having Tim Hortons right beside my high school. I would go there every morning to wake up to and warm myself when the cold comes. Also, the drinks are cheaper than my cafeteria! Better food too.

With that, I do hope you’ll enjoy what I will create in this blog and I bid you, adieu!


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