Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #02: In Space with Magic


A neverending place we don’t know a whole lot about but still an interesting topic to research about.

Got this idea from playing and remembering Lifeline games, especially Taylor’s stories. It’s a text adventure, real time phone game where the lives of ohers are in your hands! It also made me realize how impatient I can get… it’s kind of nerve wrecking nit knowing whether the decision to turn left or right potentially killed your favourite character. Fun game!

Anyway, with that game in mind and me still remembering my research about magic for my projects, I’ve combined both idea for this design! Originally, it was just supposed to be a lonely astronaut looking out to a shining star or something. But I had trouble trying to create what I had in mind as the colours refused to bend by my will. So in the end, I settled for a bit of alien astronaut that use its magic to travel space and leave a few magical orbs behind.

For what reason? Who knows, maybe they’re just like flags to mark where its been or perhaps a trail to lead back where it originally began. Being lost in space by yourself was the whole main concept. I also had a quote about dreams but it didn’t really fit in so I didn’t include it.

This design and Magic are the last of May designs for the shops! As I may have forgotten to mention or have mentioned, 1-2 designs made for the shops are done mo thly! 🙂 The rest are just my sketches, weird concept ideas and few WIP projects!

I do have 4 projects currently so I’ll probably update here once I get them set up.

So, without further ado, here is the last of May Designs, In Space with Magic:


Here are my other versions (second one available separately from the main called “In Space Alone”):


Some mock ups from the shops (Both versions are available in the shops but products will differ):



Thanks for visiting! 😀

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