Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #03: Doodle Time

Just some random character sketches and quick sketches to get back into drawing. I need to make a habit to draw full body and background though! 😛 I also need to buy erasers because it seems all of mine has disappeared from my house or has been eaten by the mysterious void. Seriously, I had like three still from January!

Why, erasers? Why have you forsaken me? 🙂

Anyway, I tried to do a few poses for possible full drawing scenes. First ome is supposed to be someone inside the woods at night and the character has a magic ball on their hands that acts like a lantern. Second one is an angry person who blows up and not too sure what I want the gesture of their hands to be. I didn’t want to do usual middle finger stance so I might do them throwing something angrily behind them. Although I might just redo the pose if that’s the case. I like my first idea more with the lantern thing but the character is without magic and is scared and confused.

Below is some other pose that exudes a more confident, curious pose. Probably not gonna use this since I want to explore the facials of fear and confusion. Or just practice facial expressions in general!

After these and deciding hunching over my small skethbook wasn’t doing favours on my back, I decided to revisit some older sketch. This lady sketch was done yesterday while the room was like a year ago during one of my lectures.

I didn’t get much drawing done this week as much as I wanted to. I’ve been focused on writing and reality. So for next week, my focus is finishing up an illustration based on the rough ideas I drew today. 😀

That’s all for this week, folks!

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