Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #05 Doodle Me Silly

Blergh. Last week was such a mess of stuff just trying to ease up but can't. I also went on ahead and finished my script for an upcoming comic based on a fanfiction I did long ago but decided to revamp. Basically, it was a Percy Jackson fan fiction (i loved the series :D) that… Continue reading Weekly Sketch #05 Doodle Me Silly


Weekly Sketch #04: Lady Death

Finally finished (sort of) up some digital drawings this week! šŸ˜€ My hand hurts now... I had like a rough idea of what I wanted to draw for this week excluding the one IĀ stillĀ need to finish from two weeks ago. That one is quite big, I still haven't done the BG properly so it will… Continue reading Weekly Sketch #04: Lady Death