Weekly Sketch #04: Lady Death

Finally finished (sort of) up some digital drawings this week! 😀 My hand hurts now…

I had like a rough idea of what I wanted to draw for this week excluding the one I still need to finish from two weeks ago. That one is quite big, I still haven’t done the BG properly so it will take awhile. Anyway, for this week, I decided to do a variation of Death itself in human form! I have two sketches done; Lady Death and Sir Death. However, due to life’s ever nagging omnipotence, I only got to finish Lady Death up to the colors. I’m having a bit of a hard time trying to choose colors and designs for the clothes. I try to stay casual and use lighting as a big impact on the drawing.

Here’s what I got anyway:



I have also tried to do a GIF of my process ‘cuz, well, it looks cool. 😛 I really like my lighting on the grey values and I’m gonna try to stick to it.

The two weeks ago drawing has also changed. Still gonna be in a forest but focused on an adventurer stumbling on a kid inside a magical tree of sorts. Did a small thumb but I might zoom out a bit more to showcase the magical tree.


So that’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you and next week! 😀

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