Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #05 Doodle Me Silly

Blergh. Last week was such a mess of stuff just trying to ease up but can’t.

I also went on ahead and finished my script for an upcoming comic based on a fanfiction I did long ago but decided to revamp. Basically, it was a Percy Jackson fan fiction (i loved the series :D) that I stopped because I no longer felt the drive to carry onward and the story was taking on a different world instead of Percy’s soo I decided why not just create a brand, new spanking world! 😀

It took me years- on and off- and I’m glad to finally get it going. It’s inspired by the Percy Jackson series but will no longer be based on it. It will be a twist of Greek Mythology, meaning I’ll be changing up certain events of “what if’s” so the myths might not be as ‘factual’ or common as other greek mythology based stories.

Anyway, the comic will be called “Golden Guardian” (under the same name of my fanfic. It’s still up if you’re interested :P) and I’m also thinking of using WordPress or Tumblr alongside Tapastic for it. I’m still unsure…

Buuuut because of that, and learning how to do panels which is harder than it looks, I didn’t get to do my painting on my last sketch 😦

I was planning on doing these:

My final idea was to have the Hunter find an dying spirit of some sorts with a small boy crying and the dying spirit asking the Hunter to take care of the boy. It’s sort of a small fake screenshot scenes. I’m still doing them albeit slower as I’m focusing most of my attention my projects.

I only got to doodle today. Went to Michael’s to shop for some markers but bought a sketchbook and an eraser that I could’ve gotten in a dollar store…RIP wallet.

“I’m dead. I am so dead.” says the girl who took the wrong turn trying to find a vault.

I realized last week that I really gotta pick up the pace of my works. It’s already halfway through June and soon it’ll be September once again then I won’t have much time doing personal projects ’cause of school. ;v;

Sorry for rambling and the lack of content lately. I’m in the Void right now trying to juggle writing action pack scenarios and drawing the worlds beyond my head.



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