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Coffee Sketches: Characters and Updates

Soooo I may or may not have forgotten about last week’s update.


Okay, I did forget and I had nothing done from last week than taping boxes. I’m currently in the process of moving so updates and work has been slow. I did manage to create a quick doodle though!


I have been working on my character designs. Currently have Lady Death finished and just need a few fixes then create a BG. Sir Death is still in development and I also got a guardian of a magical forest named Lotus almost done with its line art. :’) Sir Death won’t be very detailed but Lotus will be.

Now, for other news, I’ve decide to not do a Weekly Sketch thing because my schedule has been out of wack and I’m always late to update which sucks. Instead I’ll be just updating sporadically as I work on my projects, will be posting WIPs here and my other social media sites that I also tend to forget to update with. 😛

With that said, the design shops will also be updated probably tomorrow for the July month with two designs because I’m not done with June’s.

This summer has been a mess!

Anyway, here are some sketches and thumbs I’ve down over the last two weeks.

Lotus, Guardian of Elyra (EL-LEE-RAH)

Did two sets of silhouettes for him and decided to go with the far right. I usually don’t do silhouettes but I find them useful so I do want to incorporate them in my work process.


After choosing my thumbnails, I decided to change it up and finally ended with the right one where I further put in some tiny details of where things should go.


This is my current stage for Lotus! Doing the simple sketch of the body and his weapon with the designs then coloring. Right scribble is actually a design for the cape but I decided to make it a cloak with similar design. I also might change the hair…not too fond of it.


That’s all I got my Lotus for now. 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a nice day~

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