Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #05 Doodle Me Silly

Blergh. Last week was such a mess of stuff just trying to ease up but can't. I also went on ahead and finished my script for an upcoming comic based on a fanfiction I did long ago but decided to revamp. Basically, it was a Percy Jackson fan fiction (i loved the series :D) that… Continue reading Weekly Sketch #05 Doodle Me Silly

Weekly Sketch

Weekly Sketch #02: In Space with Magic

SPACE! A neverending place we don't know a whole lot about but still an interesting topic to research about. Got this idea from playing and remembering Lifeline games, especially Taylor's stories. It's a text adventure, real time phone game where the lives of ohers are in your hands! It also made me realize how impatient… Continue reading Weekly Sketch #02: In Space with Magic